I'm Claire Charron, a fourth-year Computer Science and Computational Mathematics student at the Rochester Institute of Technology and Site Reliability Intern at Box. I'm also a former SI leader, tutor for life, and a former president of the RIT Linux Users Group. I program to solve interesting problems, and I tutor to help others solve theirs. I try to broaden my views on many things, and have many passions.

I adore linguistics; I'm fluent in English and French, take courses in Japanese, and have tried many more. I'm fascinated by operating systems; x86 has made so many people cry, but not give up. When I'm bored, I read up on theoretical mathematics and programming language theory, or play games, or chat.

I try to absorb as much knowledge as I can, because it might be useful later.

If you'd like to contact me, feel free to send a message.

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